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Little Rock, AR


Criminal Justice Attorney in Little Rock, AR

Whatever the nature of the felony or misdemeanor allegations you may be facing in Little Rock, AR, you have certain rights under the law, and a criminal justice attorney can help you make sure that those rights are fully protected. I, Greg Bryant, Attorney At Law, understand that facing criminal allegations can be a frightening experience. Your communications with me will be kept strictly confidential insofar as I’m able to do so as an officer of the court.

I represent clients facing state and federal charges involving drug crimes, DUIs, sex crimes, assault and battery, and white collar crimes. I represent juveniles as well as adults.

An Advocate for Your Rights

I, Greg Bryant, Attorney At Law, offer local representation in those Little Rock legal purviews where your case is likely to be processed or tried. I’ll explain the nature of the charges you’re facing and their consequences in clear, concise language. If you find yourself in a situation where the services of a criminal justice attorney may be able to benefit you, call my office.